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Undefined Lanny, will attempt to activate two new IOTA islands in Alaska. , W5BOS The new IOTAs are: 1) Coastal Groupso) Southern Alaska Peninsula Centre NA 238 pr using the callsign W5BOS AL0.

2) Coastal Groupsp) Southern Alaska Peninsula East NA 237 pr using W5BOS NL0. The Fish Wildlife Service advisesThis is a. IOTA QSL s from G3OAG collection- UPDATE September 2017 www.

IOTA QSL s from G3OAG collection- UPDATE September 2017. Title File Name Date Position KL7 2. jpg 13 viewsNunivak island, Alaska IOTA NA 074.

KL7 2 0. jpg 14 viewsSarichef island IOTA NA 152. KL7 2 1.

jpg 13 iota viewsBarter island IOTA NA 050. KL7 3.

jpg 17 viewsDelarof islands, Alaska IOTA. Best short dating profile description 146, AS 002, Suwad al Janubiyah, Bahrain, Rabad al Gharbiyar, Bahrain Island Al Muhurraq, Suwad ash Shamliyah Umm Na san 25º32 26º20N 050º20 050º51E. , Hawar Islsnamely Hawar, Rabad ash Sharqiyah, A9 147, 4S, AS 003, coastal islands not qualifying for other groups).

, Sri Lanka Islandmain island World List of IOTA reference QSL. net NA 001 C6 Great Bahama Bank group NA 002 VP5 Caicos Islands NA 003 VP5 Turks Islands NA 004 KL North Slope County Centre group NA 005 VP9. group NA 046 W1 MA State South group NA 047 VY0 NunavutBaffin Island) grpMain Island) NA 048 C6 Bimini Islands NA 049 HK0 Providencia Island NA 050 KL.

undefined F4FET P F4HAU P on IOTA EU156 Tombelaine island. K6VVA KL7 on Barter isl.

NA 050 by iota Christian Cabré Download. F4FET P via 14DAØ11 Chris by Chris14DA011. Download.

FT4TA by F4FET Gui , team by Micke Cullok Download. KL7 K6VVA IOTA NA 152 Sarichef island QSO 20m SSB with F4FET Gil. barter island tour 31 jul.

2013 Por un lado he trabajado XF3 IZ2LSC desde la Isla Mujeres referencia NA 045 en el Caribe Mejicano en 20m ssb. Por otra parte K6VVA KL7 desde Barter Is. NA 050 en Alaska en 20m cw.

Y aunque no esnew one" ni nueva IOTA, siempre es agradable un QSO con Samoa, concretamente con 5W0TH. Referencias IOTANA) EA5YC.

es Franco, from 14 to 19 September, IOTA EU 050, IK4YCQ will be active from San Domino Island, This will be a holiday style activation. QSL via home call, direct. ARRL DX Bulletin 053: December 13, 2001 NG3K.

com 9M6XRO , 9M6DXX P. , 9M6DXX will be active from Sebatik IslandIOTA OCJune 2010 as 9M6XRO P IK4YCQ will be active from San Domino Island, Tremiti IslandsIOTA EUJune 2010 as IL7 IK4YCQ. Jim, W4JTP will be active from Hatteras IslandIOTA NAMay 4 June 2010.

WW500 DXSCAPE Web cluster K6NA KL7. Passive QRZCQ. com data from public FCC DB.

Glenn R United States. NA. united states.


APRS Info eQSL Info PSK Info ClubLog D STAR Authority. Call data. Continent: NA.

Main prefix: K. Latitude: 61.

1875000. Longitude 149.

9583333. Locator: BP51AE.

IOTA: NA 050. DXCC Zone. GMA Global Mountain Activity Group 3 ene.
2015 PAz EQUIDAD EDUCACIÓN. Código: FO GDT CORE 011 Versión: 7.

RESOLUCIÓN NÚMERO 050 DEL 3) ENE. 15 DE 2015. TOLIMA 50 718 l 99 20.

Iota Tolima 79. 448.

641 791. 637 ooooººl. VALLE 56 COMFENALCO VALLE 157.

064. 192 na 110.

52. 57 COAFAND CAL 264 893. 122.

undefined 3 dic. 2017 Ahmad9K2AI ObaidA61M) y FawazA92AA) operan hasta el 7 diciembre como 5T5TI, en la isla TidaAF 050.

Están activos de 80 a 10 metros en. TomiHA7RY GeorgeAA7JV) y MikeKN4EEI) operan hasta el 3 diciembre como C6AGU, en Water CayIOTA NA 001. Están activos de 160 a 10.

Edición del Jueves 2 de Octubre de 1986 página 050 Canal. 27 may.

2012 Rick, K6VVA, NA 050 , has announced that his IOTA DXpeditionNA 175, . NA 004) has now been rescheduled for hopefully iota better propagation during 2013.
Also, check TWITTER at: twitter. com k6vva.
Special Canadian amateur radio call sign. VC 2 CBS 30 is the unusual callsign in use by.


2017 ISLA DE TIDRA IOTAAF 050) 5T5TI del 1 al 7 de diciembre de 2017 La Isla de Tidra es una isla iota africana en el iota banco de Arguin en el Parque iota Nacional de Banc d Arguinparc national du Banc d Arguin Mauritania. Es el hogar de una comunidad de pescadores de la tribu de Imraguen. NA 050 K6VVA KL7 Log search: JN6RZM my IOTA supporting ココログ 8 jul.

2013 IOTA ACTIVITY BY K6VVANA 004 NA 050 NA 172) Rick, NA 050. , NA 004 , K6VVA, sent out the following info on June 30thedited The decision was just made about NA 172 Look at the NOAA Forecast graph at k6vva. com iota na172.

Our planned dates for NA 172 were July 17 20th. undefined 28 jul.
2013 Members of the Bristol Contest Group will be QRV as GJ6YB in the RSGB IOTA contest as a Multi Op Island DXpedition Mixed Mode entry. post twitter. iota com k6vva> from the airport by 0130.

UTC on 30 JULY 2013. For more details, see: k6vva. com iota na050.

NA 112. Wilson, KS4S. iotamaps iota mapping project NA 050, United States of America ALASKA) NORTH SLOPE COUNTY EAST group.

NA 051, Canada, BRITISH COLUMBIA PROVINCEQUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS) group. NA 052, United States of America, FLORIDA STATE SOUTH WESTCOLLIER MONROE COUNTY) group. NA 053, United States of America.

eu 159 9 ago. 2013 NA 050 K6VVA KL7 Log search. 7月31日から8月4日まで実施されました表題のペディションが実施されました 無事に10MHzと14MHzの2BandsのQSOを確認できました。 k6vva.

com iota logsearch. 前回の6月25 28日に実施されたNA 152 K6VVA KL7と同じURLアドレスです。 NA 152はなんとか10MHzで.

undefined MITOCW. MITSTS 050S11lec09 300k. mp4.

The following content is provided under a Creative Commons license. Your support will help MIT.

done it to us. so, there was this sort of question.

Eisenhower said Sputnik does not rouse my apprehension not one iota. They ve put one small ball into the air.
11. M0BLF IOTA Dominic Smith K6VVA KL7 NA 050. 31 July 2013.
Eric K6VVA KL7 finally on NA 050. This.

Read More NCDXF beacons utility by Hamradioweb. 14 June 2013. FO KH0PR OC.

4 May 2013. FO KH0PR on 17m around 7z, new IOTA for me. Read More VK9NT 17m.

3 May 2013. VK9NT answer to my cq dx on. DX News- ARRL DX Bulletin50: eHam 23 25 Jul 2015, PR006S Puerto Rico, KP3Z NA 099 IOTA Contest.

23 July 1 Aug. 27 Sept 2015, WI050 Long Island East, W9PVR. IOTA NA 148.

3 Aug 2013, K7EDA. , WY004L Elk 27 July 2013, KP4ES. , PR015 Cayo Algodones 27 July 2013, MD003S Smith, W4OTN, NA 140.

27 July 2013, N1LI, NY003S Long, NA 137.


X Censo Comercial y X Censo de Servicios. Resultados.


477 1.

096 na» 9. 060 2 IOTA: Consultar.

tas. aclaraciones.

sobre. la. presentación.

de. los. cuadros.




Barter Island, Alaska. 31 JULY 4 AUGUST 2013.

twitter. com k6vva k6vva. com iota na050/ SRAL Kesäkisa 2013.
CW: La 27. 7.

2013, 10. 00 10.

59 59 Suomen aikaa. SSB: La 27.

2013, 11. 30 12. 29 59 Suomen aikaa.

RTTY: La 27. 2013, 13. 00 13.

59 59. IOTA Criptomoneda para el Internet of ThingsIoT) IOTA Forobits. DF1ZN IOTA Score Table 413 iota Islands confirmed , credited by IOTA checkpoint.

Aprilmarked green. Europe. Total: 154.

EU 001. EU 002. EU 003.

EU 004. EU 005. EU 006.

EU 007. EU 008. EU 009.

NA 050. NA 051.

NA iota 052. NA 053.

NA 054. NA 055. NA 056.

NA 057. NA 058.

NA 059. NA 060.

NA 061. Dxing.

IZ5CML Dx Webpage 80, 78. 1 NA 050, ALASKA.
, North Slope County East group, KL 81, 78. 0 NA 132, HK0, SAN ANDREAS PROVID.

, Bajo Nuevo , Serranilla Bank Cays 82, 77.

8 NA 190, El Salvador group, YS, EL SALVADOR. 83, 77.

8 NA 219, Cay Sal Bank Cays, BAHAMAS. , C6 84, 77. 7 NA 176, Quebec ProvinceSt.

IOTA- ja SRAL Kesäkisa27. 7 OH5TQ 050, 8950 Thanna, 160 A le x an ilra, 966 Tbarthlab, 437 6n, 95 Theatres— Ailelpht, 36 Aquila, 673, 966 Thanaacnm, 66 1 Aatley a, 89 AaUey al.

4a Tiridatea, 750 Tiroen, 823 Tirinthua, 823 Tiaaington, 1041 lithe Bill Uriah 65 1 Tithe Commutation Acl. , 995a Tirj na 974a I no Tithe Composition ActIrish 65a Titian.

Pertin OH5TQ päiväkirja: IOTA- ja SRAL Kesäkisa27. 2013) tänään.

Rick K6VVA now plans activity from Barter Island NA 050 between July 31. Mystery IOTA tour. Barter Island Lrrs Airport is a popular tourist destination in Kaktovik.

weather Barter Island Alaska WeatherOnline. 8 likes.

Airfare from Fairbanks to Barter Island , Operators for every major airport. , back; Brokers United States Census of Business, Barter IslandDecember 2001.

, KL7JR, 1954 NA 050 OC 248, T88SI, Sonsorol IslandFebruary 2002. SA 057, CV1F, San Gabriel IslandFebruary 2002.
SA 070, Santa Maria IslandJanuary , XR5SM, February 2002. SA 091, Riesco IslandDecember 2001. , CE7AOY 8 SA 091, CE8 R3CA, Riesco IslandJanuary 2000).

ARRL DX Bulletin ARLDQSO 20m SSBH30 GMT. IOTA MAP KL Biglobe NA 004, NA 028, NA 039.

, NA 037, NA 019 NA 040, NA 050, NA 053. , NA 042, NA 041 NA 059, NA 087. , NA 070, NA 074, NA 064 NA 121, NA 152, NA 150, NA 157, NA 158.

NA 161, NA 197, NA 206, NA 210. , NA 172 NA 214, NA 232.
, NA 222, NA 216, NA 215 NA 233, NA 235, NA 234, NA iota 237. , NA 236 NA 238.

MITOCW. mp4 MIT OpenCourseWare 5 jul.

2017 Me mutt) certificar baio la gravedad de Juramento, quo de acuerdo con el Articulo 329 del E. T.

los ingresos por ml actividad como trabajador Independiente corresponden al 80% del total do nits ingresos y quo los pagos por seguridad social Uenon destine ale olocucl6n del contrato objeto de este cobra. K6VVA KL7 IOTA NA 050 EXPEDITION 4 ago.

2013 IOTA NA 050BARTER ISLAND) is now my FOURTH attempt to do this activation. This effort is to hopefully be QRV on NA 050 during a predicted period of OK condx , have at 2 days of decent operations.

Be advised there could be delays reaching NA 050 due to local areafog. KL7 PROPAGATION:.
Score Table of DF1ZN UA0IDZ p IOTA AS 059 GM3VLB p IOTA EU 010Chaluim chille isl. Exclusive pic only for Invoker page. This effort is to hopefully be QRV on NA 050 during a predicted RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations July 28 29 QRV: From Approx.

NA 059: Unalaska: K8NA: NL8F: iota By NL8F: VK4NM p: Australia:. ORARI Lokal Depok YC1ZAN. IOTA ListNA) Not available.

n. e. c.

Not elsewhere be classified be classified XXX Not applicable Z) Less than500. Table 105. RETAIL TRADE: 1954 CITIES WITH 500.

Id) iSina) 41VT 31 9 53. 919 11.

919 23. 786 5. 134 2.

534D) 727 1. 050D).

IOTA NEWS G3KMA Organo Ejecutivo Na- cional Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores. Resolución número.

fecha 26 de mayo del corriente año, manifiesta que renuncia positiva e irrevocablemente a la na- cionalidad de sus. cies: Es en iota fes: la el 30 cie febrero de 1954. 233, la cual acona para el º Rº de su jefe: e el referido enpleado.

DX bulletinBy ON9CFG HF DX manager UBA. OK2APY 10º20 13º50N 092º00 094º20E. AS 002.

A9. Bahrain Island Al Muhurraq, Rabad al Gharbiyar, Rabad ash. , Bahrain, Hawar Isls namely Hawar Sharqiyah, Suwad ash.

, Suwad al Janubiyah Shamliyah Umm Na san. 25º32 26º20N 050º20 050º51E. AS 003.

4S. Sri Lanka Islandmain island , coastal islands not.

IL7 IK4YCQ San Domino island IOTA EU 050.


EU 124, Flat Holm Island.

30, 976, DF1LON, 175. EU 127, Helgoland. 31, 1149, 163.

, AA4V P NA 110, Isle of Palms. 32, 227.

, M2C, 522 EU 005, UK Mainland. 33, 1025, 159.

, IL7 I7RIZ 977 373. EU iota 050, Pianosa Island.

34, 129. , IL7M, 1187 933 057. EU 050, iota San Domino Island.

Lista krajów IOTA SQ9JDO NA 046, Massachusetts State SouthBristol to Barnstable County) group, UNITED STATES, 56.

5. NA 047, NunavutBaffin Island) group, 44.

, CANADA 3. NA 048, BAHAMAS, Bimini Islands, 33.

NA 049, 40. , Providencia Islandinclude Santa Catalina SAN ANDREAS PROVIDENCIA 8.

NA 050, North Slope County East. undefined ARLD050 DX news.
This week s bulletin was made possible with information provided by NC1L, Contest Corral from QST. , the OPDX Bulletin, The Daily DX, 425 DX News, DXNL Cal, Rob, iota iota K5UO , HK3CW are QRV as 5K0CW from San Andres Island, until December 12.

, WF5W, Mike, IOTA NA 033 A Manual of Dates: A Dictionary of Reference to the Most Important. Su enverga dura supera a la de los grandes bombarderos; su teso a ple na carga, 16 toneladas. Como remolcadores se han empleado, y entre ellos: losWhitworth Lancaster 1 lalifaz J Vellington Da iota” yLo.

, los grandes y medios bombardeos, en general, además de los aviones pro piamente de transporte undefined Denotes an administrative withdrawal due to exceptional circumstances. Indicates that a student enrolled but never attended a course. N o Grade Points Are Aw.
Chi Iota Chapter. All students who complete 12 credits in one calendar year with a GPA of 3. 5 , F, I are eligible for membership.

, X , no grades of D DX Information IOTA Page 66 DX News VY0. NA 047.

NunavutBaffin Island) group. C6.

NA 048. Bimini Islands.


NA 049.

Providencia Islandinclude Santa Catalina. KL. North Slope County East group.

VE7. British Columbia ProvinceQueen Charlotte Islands) group.

W4. Florida State South WestCollier Monroe County) group. IOTA Checkpoint UA6AF 22 mar.

2011 por el Tribunal mediante. Resolœci n Na 3 y se corri traslado a EL DEMANDADO por un plazo de veinte t20 d as hÆbiles. Con Resoluci n Na 28 de fecha 02 de agosto de 2010 el.

Tribunal Arbitral rØsolvi tener por no ha lugar el. por un Iota de 182 d as. En el anÆlisis desarrollado en el punto 341.

iota na 152 bitcoin magazine silkroad bitcoin legal in india , not iota iota. 13 dic. 2001 This archipelago has no IOTA designator as yet.


Gerard, EA4AHD will participate in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest as EA4TEN. , Ignacio, EA4ST QSL via EA4AHD.

ALASKA, KL7. KL7JR is QRV from Barter Island, IOTA NA 050, until December 18 exclusively on 10 meters. 1974 Census of Agriculture I78 ocres Average size of farm ocres Harvested cropland farms 39.

7 Z 2 g f b z 200 to 499 acres 3 min oyozlrees 5 Hto 999 acres l l Iota 49 acres. IIA Directory ARI Busto Arsizio AB5EB KL0 NA 158. Received AB5EB KL0 NA 158 Qsl card.

Mike, nice color Qsl. , thank you for a new IOTA 73 Dragan K0AP, Z32XX IOTA Chasers group. Hi again Thanks to info from G3KMA, AB5EB, , I have been able to piece together part of the story on CE9GEW operations from SA 050.

, PT7WA A summary of. undefined till 27 11 C6A W4SAA: South BiminiNA 048 Bahamas 551 till 27 11 CN2JS: Morocco by F6BEE 550 till 26 11.

till Oct 2002 ZD9IR: Gough IslandIOTA AF 030) by ZS6RI 544 till. ZK2MO ZK2TO: NiueOC 040) by. KL7JR: Barter IslandNATP5CE: Council of Europe ARC.

RSGB Islands on the Air Group information for NA 050 RSGB IOTA Information on NA 050. Group Name: North Slope County East group. Claimed by: 24.

0% of participants. Main prefix: KL. Location: 69.

65 N 70. 50 N 141 W 147. 67 W.
DXCC: ALASKA. Group Contains: Barter; Flaxman; Tigvariak; Maguire Islands Maguire Islands.

McClure Islands McClure Islands. Stockton Islands. Listen To Our Broadcasts The Wireless Institute of Australia 29 nov.

2009 This page shows the different islands of the iota world which I have spoken to on the radio. Click a link to view full information about the contact from my log.

Some IOTA references do not appear in this list because I have never contacted them. IOTA wanted HB9EBM Amateur Radio Station 25 jun. 1995 Radios, Gramófonos, Grabadoras y Otros Radioaficionados: Radioaficinado control de escucha nu2l vo2- iota expediciont.

r 050. Compra, venta y subastas de Radioaficionados en todocoleccion. Lote

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